About The Presbyterian Church in America

Founded on December 4, 1973, in Birmingham, Alabama, The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is one of the faster growing denominations in the United States. The PCA currently counts with nearly 1,500 churches and missions throughout the USA and Canada and over 350,000 communicant and non-communicant members.

As a creedal and confessional denomination, the PCA holds that the purest expressions of scriptural doctrine are found in the historic Calvinistic creeds and confessions, particularly the Westminster Confession of Faith. These creeds and confessions are subservient to scripture and serve to help us better express and teach what the scriptures reveal.

PCA churches practice a representative form of church government, as expressed in the word presbyterian. Local churches are governed by elders (presbyters) elected by the church members. This form of government extends through the regional presbyteries up to the national General Assembly.